Embrace each other during Jubilee celebrations-Chief Kanong’esha

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Senior Chief Kanong’esha of the Lunda speaking people in Mwinilung’a district says as Zambia celebrates its 50 years Jubilee of political Independence, people must embrace each other regardless of ethnic or political affiliation.

He said all Zambians regardless of their status should continue preserving the peace and unity the country has been enjoying.

“It is really a blessing to us as a nation to attain 50 years of political independence and uniting in such a manner despite having 72 different ethnic groupings.

“It is not easy, we should count ourselves favoured by God and lucky because we are now able to run our own national affairs in conformity with our culture and tradition,” he said.

The Chief said this in an interview with ZANIS in Mwinilung’a today.

He implored young people to uphold and embrace the peace and unity the
country has enjoyed for the past 50 years based on the motto ‘One Zambia One Nation’.

“As Chiefdom we are going to celebrate this year’s Independence golden
Jubilee whole heartedly because we contributed immensely to the
liberation struggle of our country Zambia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Kanong’esha has encouraged young people to develop a culture of reading saying it is the only way they can equip
themselves with knowledge which can help them to build their self-esteem and lead the country to greater heights as future leaders.