Big Brother hotshots : Apparel Design

Big Brother hotshots : Apparel Design
Big Brother hotshots : Apparel Design

In their first modern dance training workshop housemates were told that dancing was bout about attitude and emotion. Now housemates were to design and style a wardrobe for their dance crews. Dance crews the world over set themselves apart in their apparel. It was about identity, culture and originality.

The housemates would have to remember this when designing and compiling their uniform for the task presentation. A modern dance crew is defined by their look and attention to detail is key.

As a fashion designer, this was M’am Bea’s area to shine. To allow for movement and expression she used a bright orange cloth and crafted it into various pieces for Sabina, Ellah, Lilian and some of the girls.

Sabina shimmied and swayed across floor to get comfortable in her while the others tore into some overalls, cut and spray painted them for an extra edge.

It seemed as soon as housemates tried their costumes on out came the spirit of dance with Laveda crumping to the beat and rapping the words “I aint going nowhere!” Talk about attitude!

The housemates were, once again, putting in 100% effort fit to win their 100% wager.

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