BRE dethrones Chief Mwene Chengele

Barotse Royal Establishment
Barotse Royal Establishment

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE)’s Saa Kuta has dethroned Chief Mwene Chengele Nyumbu Mubukwanu of Mushuwa palace .

The BRE court has also dissolved the entire Kuta of the dethroned Chief.


The Saa Kuta headed by Induna Inete Akapelwa Silumbu announced to the public in Limulunga yesterday after a closed door meeting that was attended by Induna’s from different kutas (courts).

Chief Mwene Chengele has been dethroned after claims by his subjects that he grabbed land from them and mistreated them.

Induna Inete said the decision was made after several investigations from the Kuta saying that the kuta will announce when the next Mwene Chengele will be installed.

Nyumbu Mubukwanu was installed as Mwene Chengele in 2010.


Recently Mwene Chengele held the first Mbunda ceremony, Cheke cha Mbunda traditional ceremony which was received with mixed feelings from stakeholders.