Big Brother – Dropping The Mask

Big Brother Dropping The Mask
Big Brother Dropping The Mask

There have been intriguing changes from the housemates, amongst them altering accents and fashion fads. A few are subtle, others more blatant – but all add to the intrigue, as housemates let their masks slip, while other clasp them tighter.  

Permithias’ accent was so marked with an American twang that the other housemates made a point of mentioning it to him. As the days went by he swatted aside comments about it, but a distinct levelling was heard. Is he feeling subconscious and adjusting his accent accordingly to please others?

Another accent-switcheroo is evident with Nhlanhla, as he adopts a more regional flavour. His sense of style has also transformed, but in contrast to his voice. From donning a daishiki during the launch to mod jeans and cool shades in the house, the change is marked – although most days it seems he is merely competing with Luis in ripping off his shirt. As far as his lips go, the only thing anyone really wants from them is a kiss for Sheillah.

When it comes to fashion, Idris also swings dramatically from day to day, going from hipster-inspired skinny jeans to beanies and big hair. On the matter of voices, Lilian’s is slowly but surely returning as she goes from squeaking like a mouse to croaking like a frog. Was she faking it? It doesn’t seem so. Pretending to have no voice for that long would only result in actual damage to her voice, which she can’t afford to do with the upcoming extravaganza.

Everyone is very intrigued about Tai-tai, Luis’ alter ego. Thus far, this six-packed Namibian has been fairly reserved.  He has talked about Tai-tai, but we have yet to see him. We may have to wait for the first party before we get a glimpse.

Are the housemates letting down their guard and revealing their true selves…or have they been themselves all along?