Three year-old girl burnt to ashes

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Three year-old girl burnt to ashes

Kalabo, September 18, 2014, ZANIS………… A three year-old girl has been burnt to ashes after the house she was sleeping in caught fire in Kalabo’s Kashitu compound.

And property worth thousands of kwacha has also been destroyed in the inferno.

Kalabo district Police officer-In-Charge Kim Masambo confirmed the incident which happened between 23:00hours and midnight yesterday to ZANIS today.

Mr Masambo explained that the mother to the deceased Manyando Nasilele 27, who had travelled to search for sour milk for sell to unknown destination, left her three year old daughter in the company of two girls aged 13 and 14 years .

He further explained that the incident happened when two girls left for a traditional ceremony popularly known as Mukitu and left the deceased girl sleeping in the house with a candle on.

The body of the victim retrieved with the help of the Police.

Mr Masambo said police do not suspect any foul play in the incident and named the deceased as Patricia Mungenda.

The remains of the deceased are in Kalabo District Hospital mortuary awaiting disposal as the whereabouts of the mother are  still not known.