Nakonde police boss shot himself – Chanda

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–Zambia Police Service Public Relations Officer, Munganga Chanda, has refuted media reports that a police constable in Nakonde district in Muchinga Province has shot dead his boss.

Ms Chanda said the reports are not true and that they should be dismissed as false that it did not happened as reported.

She told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that instead, the deceased, Christopher Simuntani, 37, a deputy inspector at Tazara Police Post, shot dead himself not that he was killed by his junior, Cullen Cheuka, 28, a constable at Nakonde police station.

“It is not true that a police constable shot dead his boss in Muchinga Province. The deceased killed himself using a gun after the two officers were engaged in a fight at a bar which led to a senior  officer producing a gun,” Ms Chanda said.

Ms Chanda said police has nothing to do with a police officer who decides to terminate his life on reasons known by herself or himself.

She stated that police officers are disciplined professionals who know what is expected of them during their tour of duties.

Ms Chanda stressed that those officers who fail to abide by their expectations as police officers are treated like any other criminal found wanting in society.

She said those officers who commit offenses are also dealt with severely like any other human being breaching or committing an offense.

She warned police officers of stern action if they commit any offense either while on duty or during their spare time.