Stray Hyenas terrorise Kabansa residents and livestock

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THREE hyenas are terrorising residents and livestock in Kabansa area in Serenje District after straying from the Chisomo Game Management area.
Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa said the hyenas were spotted on Monday by residents and that they had already killed 40 goats since arriving.
Mr Mwelwa said he had received reports from residents of Kabansa area that three hyenas had been attacking their livestock.

“There are hyenas on the loose in Kabansa area, which are attacking people’s livestock and causing panic among the residents, who are now fearing for their lives,” Mr Mwelwa said.
Mr Mwelwa added, however, that the hyenas had not attacked anyone apart from the livestock.
He called on the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to quickly move to the area and ensure that the hyenas were moved back to the Game Reserve.

“People are now living in fear as the three hyenas are being spotted at any time of the day near their homes, a situation that has caused panic among the residents in the area,” Mr Mwelwa said.
He added that school-going children were shunning school for fear of being attacked, while the parents opted to stay indoors, thereby paralyzing activities in the area.


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