Kabwe killer denies knowing late wife

Criminal court
Criminal court

A WITNESS has narrated before the Kabwe High Court how a man accused of murdering his 33-year-old wife denied knowing the deceased during interrogation with police officers.
Arresting officer, Azwell Mtonga told Kabwe High Court Judge Elita Mwikisa that the accused denied knowing the deceased when he was asked to identify the body of the deceased.
He said the body was only identified by the son of the deceased person.

This was a case in which Vincent Mucheleta is alleged to have murdered his wife, Lydia Nkoshi, on February 13, 2013.
Mtonga told the court that he arrested and charged Mucheleta after investigating the case.
He said he arrested the accused person after he failed to explain how his mobile phone was found near the deceased’s body, which was dumped 15 metres from her house.
Daughter of Mucheleta, Angela, said that on the fateful day, her mother had arrived late and when she called her husband to open the door for her, the accused refused and instead went to meet his wife outside.

She said Mucheleta later went to open the door but her wife did not enter the house and that a few minutes later the accused, who had gone out wearing a T-shirt returned without a shirt on.
Sister to the deceased, Irene Mwape said Mucheleta had hinted to her a day before her sister died that she would kill his wife for what he called unbecoming behaviour.
She said during cross-examination by Mucheleta’s lawyer that she concluded that the accused was behind the death of his wife because his utterances.
Trial continues.


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