Lusaka brother sued over wizard allegation


THE Chilenje local court has heard how a man of Lusaka’s David Kaunda Township sued his half brother for defamation of character after he allegedly called him a wizard.
Flex Kumwenda, 51, told the court that Gideon Nyuni, 33, of Lusaka’s John Howard Township was in a habit of saying that he, together with his family, were witches who had finished killing every member of the family.

This was in a case in which Kumwenda sued his half brother Nyuni for defamation of character after he allegedly accused him of causing the deaths of other family members.
Facts before the court were that on August 21 this year, one of their relatives died and Nyuni allegedly started telling people that Kumwenda had caused the death.
Kumwenda told the court that whenever there was a funeral in the family, Nyuni used to tell people that he was the one who had killed that family member because he was coming from a family where they practised witchcraft.

He said soon after the burial, he called his step-brother so that he could confirm what he had heard but his brother was rude to him.
“He is saying that my family and I have finished ‘eating’ members of the family because we have been having one funeral after the other,” he said.
But in his defence, Nyuni refused ever saying that his brother together with his family were witches.

He said a day after the burial he followed Kumwenda’s elder sister and asked her “is this how we will be dying in this family?”
Nyuni submitted that he raised the question on the matter with his sister because he was shocked to learn that one of their relatives had died a day after burying another one.
He said a meeting was called and he was asked to apologise of which he did but Kumwenda refused to forgive him.
“I never told them that they were witches. They just misunderstood my statement and the right person to sue me is her sister because she was the one I asked,” Nyuni said.
Magistrate Sharon Kaunda dismissed the case for lack of evidence and encouraged the family to exercise forgiveness.


Times of Zambia