Mpika man defiles his 3-year-old niece in full view of his children.

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Mpika have arrested a man of Tazara Township for defiling his 3-year-old niece in full view of his children.
The incident happened on Wednesday around 16: 00 hours. The suspect, identified as Chilufya Mwansa, 31, is alleged to have been found defiling his niece by members of the public in an unfinished building.

Initially, the suspect, commonly known as Bashi Mwamba who was in the company of his young children got the infant from the mother on the pretext that they were going for a walk but later defiled it in full view of his own children.

As he was defiling the baby, his children began crying and this alerted members of the public who rushed to the scene where they found the accused still defiling the baby and apprehended him.
The man has been charged with defilement and will appear in court soon.

Times of Zambia


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