Samfya DMMU commended for sensitising communities on Ebola

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-A medical officer in Samfya district has commended the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) for making efforts to sensitise the community in the district on the Ebola virus.

Henry Zulu, the Samfya District Clinic Care Officer, says the move by the DMMU in the district to sensitise the community on the dangers of the Ebola virus will go a long way in preventing the outbreak of the disease.

Mr Zulu disclosed that government, through the DMMU, has already allocated safety equipment in Luapula Province in readiness for any outbreak of the Ebola virus in the province.

ZANIS reports that Mr Zulu said this during an Ebola virus preparedness meeting for District Heads of Government Departments held at Samfya Council Chamber.

And Environmental Health Officer, Lucky Chifwesa, explained that victims of the Ebola virus are succumbed to severe bleeding underneath the skin and many other symptoms like rash, red eye, difficulty in breathing and swallowing and called on the residents to report any suspicions relating to Ebola virus in the district.

During the same meeting the Heads of Government Departments identified three centres for isolation of Ebola Patients in case of an outbreak.

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit in Samfya has bought airtime to air massages on the deadly Ebola Virus and its symptoms on Radio Bangweulu, a local radio station.