Serenje council constructs toilet at K15,000

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Serenje council constructs toilet at K15,000


Serenje, Aug 26/14 ZANIS——A council official in Serenje district has urged traders at Serenje Market to observe good hygiene practices to prevent diseases.


During the handover of the renovated Serenje Bus Station toilet yesterday, Serenje District Council Secretary, Kennedy Kazanda, said Serenje District Council decided to renovate the toilet due to poor sanitation at the bus station caused by the dilapidation of the toilet.


Mr Kazanda said marketeers and transporters can prevent disease at the market by trading in a clean environment and ensuring proper use of toilet.


He revealed that the toilet was renovated at the cost of K15, 000 using market collections.


The Council Secretary has since urged traders to put the facility to good use.


Mr Kazanda said Serenje District Council has renovated the toilet because it appreciates the importance of maintaining good hygiene hence the local authority expects traders to respond by change of attitude towards hygiene.


And PF Ibolelo ward Councillor, Chester Kasonde, pointed out that the PF is fulfilling most of the promises made to the people of Serenje during the 2011 general elections, hence the need for people to support government as it develops the country.


Mr Kasonde, who cited the construction of township roads, the hospital, schools and police camp houses as some of the promises made during campaigns, said the renovation of the bus station toilet is another demonstration of government’s commitment to improving people’s lives.


“This government is here to see to it that it gives you what you disserve. Your role is to make sure you support government so that it can do more for you,” Mr Kasonde urged.