Citizens key to peace building-ZP

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Luapula Province Police Commissioner Malcom Mulenga says citizens have a role to play in ensuring that peace prevails in the country.

Commissioner Mulenga said this in Kawambwa yesterday at sensitization meetings on drug and alcohol abuse, child defilement, Gender Based Violence, Drug abuse and property grabbing.

Mr Mulenga addressed two separate meetings at the PWD compound and Munkanta primary school in Kabwambwa.

He said citizens have an important role to play in providing peace adding that this can only succeed if they work closely with the police.

The commissioner noted that there are many illegal activities taking place in the community that are not being reported saying this is making it difficult for the police to curb the vices.

Commissioner Mulenga explained  that the police cannot be found everywhere hence the community should report all the illegal activities because they happen in the areas where they stay.

He added that defilement cases are rampant in rural areas but are not

reported to the police to take action.

Commissioner Mulenga further said the community should know that the girl child being defiled are being left with diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and HIV hence the need to report defilement cases to the police without fail.

Commissioner Mulenga charged that it was sad to find that many children in rural areas do not go to school noting that this forced them to be engaged in illicit activities such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Mulenga has warned that brewing illicity beer locally called Kachasu as a way of raising money for children is against the law.

The Commissioner further says the community criminal protective unit (CCPU) is there to help provide security in communities at no cost .