ZLDC seeks witch craft Act review

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—-The Zambia Law Development Commission (ZLDC) has called for a review of the witchcraft Act.

ZLDC Research Officer Otema Musuka said that the witchcraft Act has not been reviewed since 1914 when it was enacted.

Mr Musuka said the ZLDC team is in North western province to get views through research with government departments, civil society organizations and the community with the aim of reviewing the Act.

ZANIS reports that Mr Musuka was speaking in Zambezi today during a meeting with government departments and civil society organizations.

Mr Musuka said that the team has been to Solwezi and would be heading to Mwinilunga and Ikeleng’i respectively.

He observed that some people in the country have complained of having their relatives bewitched but do not know where to take such issues.

Mr. Musuka added that the commission is interested with the people who believe that their relatives or friends have been bewitched before so that they testify.