Chief Nsokolo rejects announced K70 floor price for maize

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Senior Chief Nsokolo of Mbala District in Northern Province has rejected the proposed K70.00 floor price for a 50 kilogram bag of maize, describing it as a mockery.

Chief Nsokolo says the Government should have instead considered increasing the maize floor price to at least K95.00 per 50kg bag instead of effecting a mere K5.00 increase from the price it was pegged at last year. 

He contends that K95.00 per 50kg bag would enable the farmers make profit from their efforts put into the production of the country%u2019s staple food and contribute to the national food security. 

Chief Nsokolo states government seems to be concerned with the welfare of those in urban areas 80 percent of whom he says are loafers, lazy and cannot go back to the village to be useful. 

He says Government should not forget the role of the farmer, who not only feeds the nation but also provides jobs to many whom the government cannot employ nor create employment for them.

Chief Nsokolo has since appealed to the Government to consider reviewing priorities in the annual national budgets which have always favored the town dwellers at the expense of farmers and other stakeholders.

This is according to a statement issued to QFM News by the Chief’s personal assistant Jeff Kapembwa.

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