Over 200 dismissed nurses reinstated

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Over two hundred nurses who were dismissed for going on strike last year have been reinstated.

Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) President Tom Yungana says out of a total of over three hundred nurses who have reapplied for reinstatement.

Mr Yungana has however maintained that government has attached conditions for nurses who are reapplying despite denying that there are no conditions attached.

He says government should have simply reinstated the nurses instead of subjecting them to the process of having to reapply for reemployed as officers on first appointment, hence losing their previous positions.

Mr. Yungana adds that those being reinstated are also losing their workers accumulated rights such as leave days and other rights.

He further states that the other condition is that the nurses should be willing to be posted anywhere else apart from the hospitals where they were working from previously.

Mr. Yungana has appealed to government to consider recalling the nurses that have not reapplied and restoring them to their positions.

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