Zambia Police officer put on defence over sodomy


THE Kitwe Magistrate’s Court has placed a 33-year-old police officer on his defence after finding him with a case to answer for allegedly sodomising a 21-year-old man.

This is in a case in which Lewis Mofya of Luangwa township in Kitwe is charged with an unnatural offence.
It is alleged that Mofya, on dates unknown but between March 11 and April 15 this year in Kitwe, had unlawful carnal knowledge of a man against the order of nature.
Mofya denied the charge.
In his ruling delivered on Monday, Kitwe resident magistrate Prosper Mwila said he was satisfied with the evidence against Mofya adduced by the State.
“I am satisfied that the allegations have linked you to the charge and I, therefore, put you on your defence,” Mr Mwila said.
But Mofya opted to remain silent after Mr Mwila explained the three options available for him to defend himself.
Mofya also told the court that he would not summon any witnesses.
Evidence before the court is that on the day, Mofya allegedly took the man to a tavern in Luangwa township and bought some opaque beer, commonly known as Chibuku.
The man testified that Mofya later asked him to accompany him to his house.
He said while they were drinking the beer, Mofya allegedly poured some white powder in the beer he was drinking.
“He only put the white powder in the beer that I was drinking and when I asked him what it was, he told me that it was milk and after finishing the beer, I became weak and I could not move or speak but I could see what was happening,” he said.
The man told the court that Mofya allegedly lifted him, took him to his bedroom, undressed him and sodomised him.
“I did not feel anything right there and then but in the morning when I went to the toilet, I was in great pain and I had abdominal pains,” the man said.
He testified that the pain was unbearable and he mentioned this to Mofya.
The man testified that Mofya allegedly gave him some flagyl (an antibiotic) and assured him that he would be fine.
The man said Mofya’s neighbour became suspicious and he called his father who picked him up.
He said Mofya was arrested and charged with sodomy.
Mr Mwila adjourned the case to July 14, 2014 for judgment.


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