Sata lashes out at people peddling lies about his health

Zambian President Michael Sata
Zambian President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has lashed out at people that are claiming that he is sick.

The President said those alleging that he has been evacuated for specialist treatment must check their facts before spreading false rumours.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting at State House in Lusaka today, President Sata said he is fine and healthy.

President Sata said it is unfair for people to wish him sick or dead as he is very fit and still serving the nation on various issues.

The Head of State said he was never evacuated to any country for treatment as earlier reported by some sections of the media.

Meanwhile, President Sata has appealed to all the Members of Parliament to ensure that they make it a habit to visit their constituencies.

Mr Sata said it is important that MPs should explain government policies to their electorates.

He said their role is to provide a service to people in need even in the remotest parts of the country.

The President wondered why some MPs have to be pushed to visit their constituencies when it is their duty to do so.

He said development of various constituencies in the country lies in elected MPs as they have been given the mandate by their electorates.


  1. Veiled instructions for MPs to go out and start campaigning. Things are getting warmer. He’s declaring himself well and fit, okay then anyone with any other opinion can hold on to theirs for opinions are not meant to be argued.