Sata is not a statesman, he is just a President – UPND

President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform

We shall make this simple. Because it has to be simple for a dummy like George Chellah to understand. First and foremost, Sata is not a statesman, he is just a President, statesmen fall in the categories of the Abraham Lincolns, Jimmy Caters, Bill Clintons, Koffi Annans, now imagine you add Sata to that list, then we might as well add Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, because that is what Sata is, actually we are being very candid about this

First statesmen don’t lie, Sata is a liar. Secondly, statesmen don’t call citizens names, they Govern. Statesmen condemn violence and other attendant vices this is the reason they are sent to war zones and speak to warring factions. Statesmen live by their word and would always come to explain to their people why they cannot deliver on certain things. What has George’s statesman done? Hide behind facebook. Statesman, that is funny actually.

We wrote letters to George’s statesman, and the statesman came back with the word useless, childish, bitter and all the bad words. We then knew that we had over stepped our boundary, we are not in the business of giving solutions, we are in the business of checking and balancing. And we are doing that effectively. There are two things to a solution, planning and implementation. This is what a good political party would do. PF gave the voters the impression that they had planned, now they should implement. If they planned to build roads, let them do. They planned to build schools, let them do, they planned to increase fuel, let them do. They planned to increase mealie meal prices, they are doing so. They planned 150 by-elections, let them implement that. They planned not to give us a constitution, they Anything outside these plans is not a PF plan and will therefore be wasting time providing solutions to these statesmen who already have it all figured out.

George Chellah, we are political competitors. What George is asking of HH is the same as asking Coca Cola to make its formula public. And that will not happen. We shall do our part by giving you alternatives, that is our only responsibility.