Zambia has a working constitution – Kalaba

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba
Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba

Bahati constituency Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba says the nation has a working constitution which is governing the country.
Speaking at two separate meetings held at Kabunda primary and Mansa primary school April 16th Mr. Kalaba said people should give government enough time to work on the constitution as it is working hard to solve the problems faced by many Zambians.
He said it is the same constitution which people used to kick MMD out of power in 2011 tripartite elections.
He said the issue of the constitution will not make PF to loose popularity in the country as it has initiated so many projects taking place in Zambia.
Mr. Kalaba who is at the same time Minister of Foreign Affairs said opposition parties only want to gain their political mileage in the name of the constitution forgetting about development which is taking place in the country.
Mr. Kalaba has therefore advised people not to listen to opposition leaders who have nothing to offer to the Zambian people.

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