Luanshya mayor pledges change


NEWLY installed Luanshya Mayor Gordon Siwale has pledged to transform the area through adequate service provision.
Mr Siwale said the Luanshya Mucipal Council (LMC) would use its financial resources to transform the town.
“My vision is to transform Luanshya into a development-oriented, environmentally and economically sustainable, hospitable town which will be attractive to investors, residents, and visitors,” Mr Siwale said.
He has since pledged to devote his energies to ensuring the local authority remained accountable to the general public in all its decisions.
Apart from the transformation of the area, Mr Siwale also intends to build capacity in community centres by empowering the women, youth and persons living with disabilities.
He said the council would come up with credit revolving schemes which would be a source of income for the groups.
“I am optimistic that this will in turn positively contribute to the households, income base and their ability to pay municipal fees such as rates,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Siwale has assured the residents of Luanshya that the road rehabilitation works would soon start.
The road rehabilitation project and drainage maintenance project in Luanshya was being funded by the Government.
He has since appealed to the residents of Luanshya to desist from throwing litter in drainages to avoid blockage.