FRANCIS ‘Galagata’ Zulu seeks sponsorship for 15 fans

FRANCIS ‘Galagata’ Zulu and Joseph Chingangu (Right)
FRANCIS ‘Galagata’ Zulu and Joseph Chingangu (Right)

FRANCIS ‘Galagata’ Zulu intends to have 15 fans to cheer him in Abu Dhabi when he takes on Joseph ‘No Pressure’ Chingangu in the International Boxing Federation International (IBF) Africa heavyweight title bout next month.
Zulu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he is looking for sponsors to assist him fly 15 fans to Abu Dhabi.
“This fight will be away and many Zambians will not have an opportunity to watch it. I want to assemble as many Zambians as possible to go and witness how I will cripple that old man [Chingangu],” he said.
The three-time national champion is grateful to his sponsors Chembe Carriers for the support they have been giving him in a build-up to the bout.
“I received a lot of support from Chembe Carriers of which I am very grateful. Very soon I will be meeting my director Mr Kephas Katongo so that we can plan how we can take fans to Dubai,” Zulu said.
He said Chingangu will be clobbered.
Zulu advised Chingangu to prepare adequately to avoid embarrassment.
“He [Chingangu] is my fellow Zambian and I wouldn’t like to see him being knocked out in the first round. I want to advise him to prepare well for this fight so that he should be able to fight at least up to the third round,” he said.
Zulu said it will be disappointing if the fight ends early especially that expectations from fans are high.
The fight is billed for March 28 in Abu Dhabi and it is being promoted by Prana Vayu.

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