Critical shortage of piped hits Luangwa Secondary School

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Critical shortage of piped hits Luangwa Secondary School

Luangwa,  February 19, 2014,  ZANIS —   A critical shortage of
water has hit Luangwa Secondary School in Luangwa District.


This is because of worn  water reticulation system forcing pupils to be drinking
untreated water from the in-take.

ZANIS reports that School Head Teacher, Titus Hara confirmed the development in Luangwa District, today.


This was when  Education Deputy minister Patrick Ngoma visited the school on Monday.


He said  that pupils were drinking untreated water from the tank because water was not
reaching the taps due to the old water reticulation system.

Mr. Hara said the school administration has tried to use Parent
Teacher Association (PTA) funds to sink a borehole and put up a tank
but the water is salty such that pupils and staff can not drink it.


He also said the other challenge the school was facing was the
lighting system as there generator has not been serviced for a long


The Head Teacher told the Minister that the school used to receive
funds for the maintenance of the generator but this money has not been
coming for some years now.


Mr. Hara appealed to the Ministry of Education to consider buying them
a new generator as the old one will cost fortunes to over haul it to
the required standard.


And teachers at the school appealed to Government to consider putting
up staff houses at the school as teachers were forced to share one
house to about three teachers.

The teachers told the Minister that they were 42 teachers against 14
houses which has made some of them to share accommodation.


Mr. Ngoma expressed concern at the challenges the school was going
through and assured the staff that some of the problems will soon come
to pass as the Government was seriously looking into improving
infrastructure in learning institutions.


He said the issue of lighting at the school will soon come to pass as
the District will soon be connected to the National Electricity Grid.


Mr. Ngoma said it was Government’s wish that all schools are connected
to ZESCO power so that the learning environment is improved.


He also thanked the teachers for accepting to work in a rural area
like Luangwa and urged them to continue to be supportive to the PF
Government as it was committed to improving the well being of the
people through infrastructure development which has spread to all
areas countrywide.