Mongu Kalabo road to suffer soil erosion -Traders association.

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Kalabo Traders Association  Chairperson David Nyundu  has appealed to government to consider relocating livestock farmers  living  along the  Mongu-Kalabo road if the road is to be  safe guarded.

Mr.  Nyundu told ZANIS in an interview that the farmers were feeding their animals on grass meant for holding the road currently under construction against soil erosion.

He explained that the business community and other stakeholders were concerned about the state of affairs hence the appeal.

“The grass that has been improvised is meant to control soil erosion because of the sandy soils that have in the past made the construction of the road difficult. If nothing is done to stop the trend then the construction of the road will be a loss,” Mr.  Nyundu explained.

He named the most affected area as the land between Mongu and Liyala village.

The Chairperson has since urged residents to guard the new road jealously as it would benefit not only the business community but other commuters.

But villagers have said that relocating them to other places was a non starter and vowed not to leave the flood plains as they were born and bred there.

The villagers further explained that they had no control over which grass their animals should feed on.

They said nobody had the right to relocate them adding that they would rather have the project abandoned than taking them elsewhere.

 Meanwhile, Mr.  Nyundu has however thanked government for the progress and dedication on the Mongu-Kalabo road project.

He said people thought the project would be abandoned like was the case in the previous regimes.