I will kill her, Lusaka man tells court


A Thirty-six-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka West has threatened to kill his former girlfriend if she does not stop insulting him.

Isaac Nkhata told the court that he would kill Rabecca Chongo of Lusaka’s Kaunda Square if she continued disrespecting him.
This is in a matter in which Nkhata has sued Chongo for compensation for insults after the two had an affair in 2007 but broke up in 2008.
He said two weeks after their relationship ended, he received a phone call from Chongo informing him of her pregnancy which he accepted and promised to support.
Nkhata said to his surprise he got a negative response from Chongo each time he asked her to present a budget of everything she needed.
He said when the child was born, he was sued by Chongo for child maintenance and was asked by the court to be giving the child K150 monthly.
Nkhata said each time he received a phone call from Chongo, he would be insulted and told that he was not a responsible father.
He said  because of Chongo’s insults, he decided to stop picking her calls and stopped supporting his child.
Nkhata said when she noticed that he had stopped picking her calls she started calling on a landline and he was once informed by his workmate that a woman called using abusive language saying that his child was involved in an accident and that he should go there.
Nkhata said he took the child to the hospital but avoided talking to Chongo because he could not take her insults.
He said had Chongo continued insulting him, he would be tempted to hurt or even kill her.
In her defence, Chongo refuted ever insulting Nkhata, saying that the only time the two talked was when she needed him to support the child.
She said the two broke up when she discovered that her boyfriend had an affair with another woman whom he had even promised to marry.
Chongo said she only knew of the pregnancy two weeks after they broke up and when she informed Nkhata he accepted but did not support the pregnancy until the child was born and she later sued him for child maintenance.
She said he defaulted giving his child the K150 that he was asked to be giving him monthly and when reminded he got annoyed to an extent of stopping to pick up phone calls.
Chongo’s sister, Folotia, 24, told the court that the two had differences because of the child they had but denied ever hearing them exchanging insults.
When passing judgment, Lusaka Boma local court principal presiding magistrate Marble Mwaba said the two should cooperate for the sake of the child.
She asked Chongo to learn to communicate in a normal way to avoid confusion and ordered Nkhata to be supporting his child without fail.