Lusaka’s Chalala woman drags aunt to court over mum’s estate


A LUSAKA woman (18) of Chalala Township has rejected the appointment of her aunt as an administrator of her mother’s estate because she suspects she will squander the estate.

This is in a matter in which Faith Botha sued her elder brother Andrew and her aunt Elizabeth Banda of the same abode for revocation of order of appointment as administrators.
Faith told the court that she did not accept Banda’s appointment as administrator because she thought he would mismanage her late mother’s property.
She said after her mother’s death in December 2013, the family sat to discuss who was going to be the administrator of the estate and Banda suggested that Faith and Andrew administer their mother’s estate since they were the only children.
Faith said she was surprised when she was told that the family had a meeting and had chosen Banda and Andrew to be administrators in her absence.
She said from the little knowledge she had gained she was confident that she was capable of managing her late mother’s property.
She further said that she was comfortable with her brother becoming the administrator because Banda intended to do something for personal gain.
When asked by local court principal presiding magistrate Marble Mwaba whether Faith was telling the truth or not, Banda said it was true that Faith missed the meeting because she was not around.
Banda said at the time her late sister was sick, she moved in to take care of her because Faith did not care and was not present at the time her mother died.
She said after her sister’s death, she decided to continue living in her house with Andrew and Faith but later noticed that Faith started going home late and when advised she never changed.
Andrew said his sister (Faith) never respected anyone and did whatever she wanted with her friends without recognising Banda’s presence.
Andrew said Faith had been breaking padlocks at home and even jumping over the wall fence each time she found the gate locked at night.
He said she only passed four subjects at grade 12 and when he found her a school place she refused because she wanted to go to an expensive school.
In passing judgment, Magistrate Mwaba said it was clear that Faith was not cooperative and that she was fond of moving out without telling anyone.
Magistrate Mwaba advised her to concentrate on her education and not on things that would destroy her future.
She further advised that the three should re-apply so that they could all be administrators.