GOVERNMENT says it values the important role traditional ceremonies


GOVERNMENT says it values the important role traditional ceremonies such as N’cwala play in unifying not only the Ngoni speaking people but the country as a whole.
Speaking during the launch of N’cwala festivities yesterday, Deputy Minister in the office of the Vice-president Davis Mwango said Zambian culture is still alive hence the need for people to value it.
“We are aware that Inkhosi yama Inkhosi is the custodian of N’cwala and this important ceremony is held only at Mtenguleni Village in Chipata for the simple reason that Mpezeni son of Zwangendaba founded Mtenguleni with his wife lady Sosela,” he said.
Mr Mwango urged the Zambia Tourist Board and the N’cwala National Organising committee to ensure that they publicise the event across Africa and the world in order to attract tourist from across the world.
He said this can be done by partnering with satellite cable and Television stations that can beam this event live.
He thanked companies, Government institutions and individuals who have made their contributions towards the success of this year’s ceremony such as MTN, First National Bank (FNB) and Toyota Zambia.
MTN Zambia contributed K50,000 while FNB donated K20,000 towards the event.
And Lusaka Province District Commissioner Ashwell Kampengele said President Sata has respect for traditional leaders and values the country’s rich culture hence the need to value it.
He appealed to all tribes in the country to respect and value their tradition.
“It is also important to teach the young generation about their culture. I’m impressed to see young ones learning their culture. This is good and it should continue,” Mr Kampengele said.
And N’cwala National Organising Committee chairperson Noel Nkoma said Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni speaking people is eager to receive over 3,000 people during this year’s N’cwala ceremony.
Mr Nkhoma said the committee has worked very hard with support from Government to organise the ceremony.
He said so far, the committee has raised K350,000 out of a budget of K600,000 for the ceremony.
“It is our hope that we mange to raise the required funds within the next 10 days,” Mr Nkhoma said.