Progress of Muchinga projects impresses government

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-The Patriotic Front (PF) government says it is impressed with progress recorded on projects taking shape in Muchinga province.

Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya says he is happy with the progress made on most of the projects being under taken in the province.

Mr Kapeya noted that with the kind of work being implemented he is optimistic that contractors will produce standard infrastructure and complete them on schedule.

Mr Kapeya who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister is on a tour of Muchinga province to check on various developmental projects government is undertaking in the area.

He said government is in a hurry to see to it that projects are completed on time as Zambians are yawning for a number of projects hence the need for contractors awarded with projects to be pushed from time to time.

Mr Kapeya who was accompanied on tour of the province by new Muchinga Permanent Secretary, Doctor Bwalya Ng’andu said it is for this reason that the PF government wants to ensure that once a project is started it is completed before beginning another one.

He said Zambia is behind in terms of development as compared to other countries that got their independence 50 years ago.

The government spokesperson said the previous government was reluctant in carrying the country forward and developing all areas.

 He said if the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) regime had continued from where the United National Independent Party (UNIP) left from, Zambia would have been more developed by now.

Mr Kapeya took time to visit the four and six storey Provincial Administration Block, four storey Police Divisional Headquarters, Chinsali Water Reticulation Project and Government Housing Units among others.