Kapeya commends Heads of government departments in Muchinga

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Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya has commended Provincial Heads of government Departments in Muchinga province for their tireless efforts in ensuring that projects are on course.

Mr Kapeya said reports that are coming from Chinsali are positive and encouraging.

He said the heads of departments and other staffs in the province have a heart for the province as was the headquarters.

Mr Kapeya said the civil servants in Muchinga therefore qualify to be called great men and women in fostering development.

Mr Kapeya who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister said this when he addressed provincial heads at the council chamber in Chinsali yesterday.

He said heads of departments and their subordinates are what forms the government therefore public workers in the province should continue to do great works that will result in great achievement.

The Government spokesperson said Zambians will only know about the things that the PF government is doing and putting across to the citizens once civil servants implement the projects.

Mr Kapeya added that this calls for team work for development to be achieved.

He urged the provincial heads to be feeding each other with information which comes across whether positive or negative to the people in the particular department adding that this is what is called team work.

Mr Kapeya said for the headquarters to be a modern and big city, every head of department should have a vision of development.

“Each one of you should have a vision and the vision we are talking about is of developing Chinsali into a big headquarters of the province,” said Kapeya.

He said once everyone has that picture of developing the province it will be achieved and become a reality.

Mr Kapeya encouraged the heads of departments to make history that will stand a test of time as pioneers.