Slap Dee Vs Macky 2: The Ultimate Album Battle


545817_10151417044324058_433858321_n1452248_603168813084331_1136544403_nRappers Macky and Slap Dee are in the album boxing ring again, and the fans on both sides are weighing in on who takes home the best album of the year award.


It seems Zambian hip-hop heavyweights Macky 2 and Slap Dee cannot catch a break from being pitied against each other, especially when both of them release albums almost at the same time.

Slap Dee recently dropped his 4th studio album The Business and it’s packed with chart topping songs like Remember, ‘Kalibu’ and ‘Nimbama’. On the other hand Macky 2’s album from Zero to Hero dropped almost at the same time as Slap Dee’s and has such hits as ‘Google’, ‘Fwebabako Nifwebo’ and ‘So Beautiful’ and already social media is abuzz with fans asking which of the two albums is the best.

Interestingly, on the Local Rhythm Countdown on Radio Phoenix, songs from both albums are on the charts. Macky 2’s ‘Google’, which features OC and T-Sean is currently on number 1 and ‘Fwebabako Nifwebo’ is number 7 while Slap Dee’s ‘Remember’ and ‘Ba Ratsa’ take up the 5th and 8th spot respectively.

But the charts aside, which one do you think is the best album between Slap Dee’s The Business and Macky 2’s Zero to Hero?