JCTR demands to know use of subsidies proceeds

JCTR Director Leonard Chiti - Left
JCTR Director Leonard Chiti - Left

The Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has observed that lack of clarity on the exact areas the government is spending resources realized from the removal of subsidies is making it difficult to track how such public funds are being utilized.

JCTR Social Conditions Programme officer, Faith Adwoko has told Qfm News that it would be prudent for the government to clearly state the exact areas where such funds are being spent to clear impressions that the money is being channeled towards holding by-elections.

Ms. Adwoko adds that it is also difficult to tell whether the said funds have also been added to the national budget as all projects that government is currently implementing have already budgeted for.

She says there is need for the expenditure of these funds to be tracked and captured in order to bring about accountability on how government is utilizing the funds saved from the removal of subsidies.