CSAWUZ calls for induction of new civil servants

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The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) has observed that the poor working culture among some newly recruited public service workers was due to lack of induction when joining the service.

CSAWUZ national organizing secretary Makai Makai said lack of induction in the public service was making some officers fail to carry out their duties satisfactorily.

Mr. Makai has since called on the human resource managers to ensure that public service workers are inducted in order for them to become acquainted with government operations.

He said it was sad that some officers do not know when they are supposed to go on leave, retire finances and did not understand what was legal and illegal in the discharge of their duties.

And Mr. Makai said CSAWUZ will next year develop a strategy that will ensure that all newly recruited civil servants adhere to the code of ethics in all the ten provinces of the country.

He said it was vital that civil servants understand government channels of operations in order to enhance service delivery to members of the public.