Nullification of seats an indication of past fraudulent polls – Dr Ng’oma

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Ballot Box

Political Scientist Alex Ng’oma has observed that the nullification of parliamentary seats by the Courts of law is a true reflection of how fraudulent past elections have been in the Country.

Dr. Ng’oma has since dismissed assertions that the continued nullification of opposition parliamentary seats is an assault on democracy.

Dr. Ng’oma has told QFM News that it is imperative that political players draw lessons and desist from engaging in underhand methods to ascend to elective political office.

He says there is need for politicians to abide by the electoral rules and code of conduct during elections to avoid having their elections nullified by the Courts.

Dr. Ng’oma adds that it is highly regrettable to have so many seats be nullified on the basis of candidates engaging in electoral malpractices.