Technical Committee maintains position on constitution

Zambia draft Constitution

The Technical Committee drafting the Zambian Constitution has maintained its position to have the final draft constitution and other accompanying documents handed-over simultaneously to the appointing authority and the general public.

Spokesperson Ernest Mwansa in a statement issued to QFM News says the Technical Committee continues to be guided by its Terms of Reference, which among others, enjoin the Committee to be accountable to the people of Zambia for its work.

Mr Mwansa says the Technical Committee is still hopeful that government will provide the necessary support to enable them print adequate copies of the Final Draft Constitution and thus facilitate a meaningful validation process of the work that the committee has done by members of the general public.

He says the Technical Committee has to this effect, already written to the government concerning the matter.

Mr Mwansa adds that they Technical Committee has already prepared the Final Draft Constitution,the Report and the Constitution of Zambia Bill.

He states that the documents are ready for the next stage in the constitution-making process.