Govt urges robust partnership in health sector

Health Deputy Minister, Christopher Mulenga
Government has called for robust partnership and investment in the health sector in order to continue yielding results in the fight against HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Speaking during the Regional Meeting for the Global Fund’s new funding model in Lusaka today, Health Deputy Minister, Christopher Mulenga, says government remains committed to ensuring that it continues to allocate huge resources towards the fight against HIV and AIDS, Malaria and TB.

Mr. Mulenga says the Zambian government is privileged to have received over seven hundred million US Dollars from the Global Fund since its inception which has contributed to having over four hundred and eighty people currently on ART.

He says government acknowledges the support of key partners in the health sector such as Global Fund, World Bank, UNDP among others in improving and having easy access to health services.

Speaking earlier, Global Fund Head for High Impact Africa Department, Linden Morrison, says Zambia is a strong partner in the region, and one of the first countries in the sub-Sahara Africa to achieve universal access to ARV treatment.

Mr. Morrison says more than ninety percent adults requiring treatment were on ARV therapy in September 2013.

He states that Zambia, together with Zimbabwe, has also shown leadership in the region by launching a cross-border initiative for malaria.

And Zambia Country Coordinating Mechanism chairperson, Marian Munyinda, says the new model of funding by Global Fund is welcome as it will provide countries a platform to get funding for HIV and AIDS, Malaria and TB in the region.

She has also called on health donors to massively invest in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBVs) as it has remained one of the hindrances to human development.