Former PF official Chanda Kabwe denies working against the party

Wynter Kabimba

Former PF Copperbelt provincial Youth Secretary Chanda Kabwe has denied allegations his group which is in support of the party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba is working against the ruling party.

In a statement to Qfm, Mr. Kabwe says his group’s loyalty is with President Michael Sata and that it supports Mr. Kabimba because he is still the Secretary General of the party.

Mr. Kabwe says it won’t be until such a time that party through the president and the central committee feels that Mr. Kabimba’s services are longer needed will he and his colleagues support even the person that will come after Mr. Kabimba.

Mr. Kabwe says his colleagues and him are only working to save the integrity of the PF, the party they love and sacrificed for many years and not what some alleged leaders within the party who have been thinking think that he is working against the party together with some youths and senior PF officials.

He says the alleged senior party leaders are fighting hard to destroy his group’s reputation by denting its image in the eyes of the right thinking members of the public and within our party the PF.

The former Copperbelt provincial Youth Secretary has since warn that the perpetrators of such political deceit against him and his colleagues will be caught up in their own web of lies and that posterity itself will judge them harshly.

He also called upon all youths in the party to remain united, steadfast and refuse to be used by anybody with a selfish agenda.