Burnt ZRL train was not insured

Transport, Communication, Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga says the Zambia Railways train which caught fire on 11th October near Livingstone with 199 passengers on board was no insured.

Mr Mukanga told Parliament in a ministerial parliament today that the train’s departure was initially delayed by 50 minutes after developing an electrical fault.

Mr Mukanga says passengers on the train alerted the Zambia Railways crew of a suspected fire in the ceiling of the first coach after the train had traveled about 20KM, prompting the crew to evacuate the train, before the fire rapidly spread to the other coaches through the cushioning material in the ceiling.

He says by the time the Fire Brigade came to assist, nine coaches and part of one of the baggage van which houses the generator were already up in flames.

Mr Mukanga says Zambia Railways Limited would need about K18.6 million or $3.5 million to replace the lost coaches.



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