You are not protected, CSAUZ tells striking Nurses and Midwives in Western Province

The Civil Servants and Alied Union of Zambia in Western Province has told striking nurses and midwives at Lewanika General Hospital  in Western Province that their decision to go on strike was illegal adding that CSAUZ will not protect them.
Provincial Civil Servants and Alied Union of Zambia Coordinator Trust Chingala stressed that CSAUZ will not pursued anyone to go back work but warned that grounds on which the aggrieved  workers were basing their strike were unjustified and are outside the 2013 collective agreement.
Mr. Chingala said it was wrong to protest against an agreement that was already signed and hence it will be hard for the organization to find justification if government decides to charge the nurses and midwives.
“the 2013 collective agreement is law therefore your going on slow is unjustified and we won’t be able to protect you as an organization, you do not have the right to prtest but you have the right to air your grievances using the right channels because your issues are out side the agreement,” said Mr. Chingala.
Mr. Chingala was speaking at Lewanika general hospital where he was addressing nurses and midwives who have vowed not to resume work if government dose not give them a 100% salary increment.
And speaking on behalf of the health workers, a midwife who prefered to have her name withheld said they will not resume work till government committees it’s self to a 100% salary increment to be effected this month end.
She said it was wrong and shameful for government to have increased CDE’s salaries by more than 100% saying they can not be getting a same salary with CDEs.
The midwife further said that ZUNO did not consult its members before signing the 2013 collective agreement alleging that ZUNO president Tom Ungana told the health workers that government would give them (health workers) a 21% and not a 4% that was reflecting on their payslips.
“we will continue to go slow because government can not expect us to be happy when we are being paid the same salary with cleaners,”she stated.