Government challenged to show transparency in its projects.

Dante Saunders

Political Analyst Dante Saunders has challenged the Patriotic Front government to show transparency in the projects they have embarked on such as roads.

Mr. Saunders notes that the Patriotic Front Government is spending huge amounts of money on road construction projects whose cost should be broken down for the Zambian people to know how their money is being spent.

Mr. Saunders says such things should not be over looked no matter how small they might look, stating that they have the potential to build or destroy.

He adds that it would be easy for the people of Zambia to trust the government if they are given a breakdown of how their money is being used.

Mr Saunders has since urged the PF government to give the people of Zambia a clear picture of what is happening with regards developmental project and how their money is being spent as a way of promoting transparency.