Ex-Ngambela nabbed

Ex-Ngambela nabbed

POLICE in Mongu have apprehended former Ngambela Clement Sinyinda for interrogations for an offence which is yet to be established.
Western Province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi, who confirmed the detention of Mr Sinyinda in an interview, said the former Ngambela was picked up from his home yesterday.
“I would like to confirm that we are holding the former Ngambela. Mr Sinyinda is being questioned at Mongu Central Police Station,” she said.
More than 70 people were recently arrested in Western Province and charged with treason after their ringleaders attempted to hoist a flag to signify the “independence” of Barotseland from Zambia.
Meanwhile, a-56-year-old South African national has been apprehended for printing seditious material instigating on the Barotseland issue.
Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said Naude Leon Heinrich, a South African who came to Zambia on employment permit, was on Sunday apprehended for printing material likely to cause breach of the peace.
“We apprehended a South African national Mr Heinrich together with a Zambian national Gibson Kaunda aged 29 years of  MA133 Maramba Township for printing seditious materials for a Mr Akakandelwa over the Barotse issue,” Ms Katanga said yesterday.
She said Mr Heinrich and Mr Kaunda were allegedly acting on instructions from Mr Akakandelwa to print Baroteland identity cards showing Barotseland as an independent state.
Ms Katanga said the duo was apprehended at Liso House printing the materials. She said Police have confiscated their printing equipment and detained the accused at Livingstone Central Police Station awaiting court appearance.