5 Chipata cops busted for K3,000


FIVE police officers in Chipata are in trouble after Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone found them with more than K3,000 unreceipted money which they collected from motorists.
The officers were manning a roadblock when Mr Sichone pounced on them and discovered that they had money which they did not issue receipts for.
This was after a tip from taxi drivers who complained to the minister that they were not being issued with receipts for the money they were charged by the police officers at the roadblock.
Mr Sichone disguised himself by wearing a cap and sunglasses, hired a taxi and headed to the roadblock mounted on Airport Road.
Without noticing the minister in the taxi, the police officers declared it defective and asked for K100 from the driver and did not issue him with a receipt.
Mr Sichone later called Eastern Province police commissioner Grace Chipalila who challenged the officers to tell the minister if she was the one who sent them to collect money without issuing receipts. They went mute.
And SYLVESTER MWALE reports that a five-year-old girl of Lusaka’s Chibolya Township has been found dead near one of the popular taverns after going missing the previous day.
Pricilla Daka was reported missing on Friday by her mother Judith Cheza but residents found her body dumped near one of the common drinking places in the hostile township.
Acting police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga and eyewitnesses confirmed the death, saying Pricilla’s body was found with a swollen face in the early hour of yesterday.
In Mungwi in Northern Province, Police arrested a 35-year-old woman of James Village in Chief Chitimukulu’s area for allegedly killing her own six-week old baby.
Mr Hamoonga said Doreen Chama was alleged to have killed the baby on September 11, 2013 around 23:00 hours when the woman threw her baby to the ground after a drinking spree.
In Luanshya on the Copperbelt, Mr Hamoonga said two people yesterday committed suicide by taking poison in separate incidences.