Observe traffic rules – Mukanga

Yamfwa Mukanga
Yamfwa Mukanga

Transport and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has appealed to road users and motorists to ensure that whenever they are on the road they observe all the road safety requirements and be patient on road.

Mr. Mukanga told Q Fm in an interview that if road users are careful, patient and observe traffic rules, the number of road accidents will be reduced.

Mr. Mukanga notes that it is sad that the country has in the past recorded an increase in the number of road accidents and hence the urgent need to find ways of avoiding more accidents.

He adds that his ministry is looking at ways of enhancing safety lessons and trying to review how they can be giving in-service training to motorists.

Mr. Mukanga says there is need to increase sensitization to the public citing that a program has been rolled out in schools to sensitize pupils on road use.

He further states that his ministry has recruited enough traffic officers on the road to ensure that safety is observed.

Mr. Mukanga believes that with all this done, the number of road accidents will be reduced than what has been recorded in the past.