Woman, 30, gets rude shock in court


A 30-YEAR-OLD woman who dragged her husband’s lover to the Court for insulting her was dazed when she discovered, in a fully packed courtroom, that her husband had fathered a child with her and that she was currently three months pregnant.
Elizabeth Mwila told the Lusaka Boma Court that her husband’s lover insulted her when she went to find out why her husband’s car was packed at her home.
“When I was coming from church, my child saw her father’s vehicle parked at his girlfriend’s home. When I called him, he said his car was being washed but he later escaped when he discovered I was at the premises of his lover,” she said.
Mwila was speaking before senior court magistrates, Mary Namangala and Mable Mwaba in a case in which, she sued Gladys Muntanga for compensation for insults.
In passing judgment, the court charged Muntanga K1, 000 and castigated her for being in a relationship with a married man who has no plans of marrying her.
Mwila, however, got a shock of her life when she discovered that her husband, Emmanuel Mwila, a senior lecturer at Evelyn Hone College fathered a child with his lover, Muntanga and she was also three months pregnant.
“I just know that he has a child with another woman in Chunga Township,” she said.
And when the court asked Mwila’s husband on whether he intends to marry his lover, he answered in the negative.
And in her statement, Muntanga told the court that Mwila’s husband is her boyfriend and they have a child together.
“I am also pregnant for him. He comes to see me and spends nights at my home,” she said.
Muntanga denied ever insulting Mwila’s wife saying she was the one insulting her.
And Emmanuel, the man in the controversy said his wife has refused to accept that he has a child with his lover.
“There are no strings attached between me and my lover. All I know is that we have a child between us. I do not go to visit her but I only go to her house to see my child,” he said.
In passing judgment, the court castigated Muntanga for openly and proudly stating that Mwila’s husband is her boyfriend as if it was something pleasant.
“It is a pity you are fighting over a man who is not serious,” the court said.
The court urged Emmanuel to respect his wife, adding she should also stop following him as doing so may be risky.