Chinese journalists, travel advisors in Zambia to sample tourism

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A delegation of Chinese journalists and travel advisors are in the country to sample the touristic sites in a bid to market Zambian tourism in their country.

The delegation that arrived in the country yesterday is expected to visit some of the tourism attractions that Zambia has to offer and later market them in China.

The delegation, which leaves for Livingstone today, will visit the Victoria Falls and tour other tourist attractions found in the tourist capital.

Speaking when he received the delegation, ZTB Marketing Manager Mato Shambale explained that the group will be in the country for 11 days during which it will also visit the south Luangwa national park and later proceed to the lower Zambezi.

Mr. Shambale explained that the delegation’s visit was aimed at increasing the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country.

He said China’s economy has grown to a level where it has become the world’s biggest producer of tourists.

He added that unfortunately, only a small percentage of these tourists visit Zambia.

Mr. Shambale attributed the low numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Zambia to lack of proper marketing of the country’s tourism to China.

He expressed hope that once the journalists and travel agents experience Zambia’s tourist attractions, they will be able to paint a positive picture of Zambia’s tourism to China which will in turn increase the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country.

Mr. Shambale expressed confidence that Zambia will receive enough publicity in China through the stories the Chinese journalists will write.