Siavonga Hubby axes wife over cattle

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Siavonga Hubby axes wife over cattle

Siavonga,  June 8TH, 2013, ZANIS — A 42 year old woman of Shamajata village in Siavonga district has been axed three times on the head by her husband over cattle.


 Miliya Shankoli of Chief Sinadambwe was axed by her husband after she gave 2 of the family cattle to her son on absence of the husband.


ZANIS reports that Chief Sinadambwe of the Tonga speaking people has confirmed the incident which happened last night in an interview, today.


‘’ What happened was that the son asked his mother to give him his share of the family cattle he was keeping for a long time.


“  And the mother thought it was a wise idea because the son never benefited from the cattle even when he was the one looking after the animals. So she went ahead  and gave two cattle to her son in absence of the father,’’ he said.


The traditional leader narrated that after the father leant that 2 cattle were given to the son, he asked his wife who innocently told him what transpired.


The chief said it was after hearing what had transpired , that annoyed  the husband who by impulse picked up an axe and axed his wife three times on the head, and  later collapsed.


He said the battered wife regained  her consciousness after  being resuscitated by alert  neighbours who quickly rushed to the scene.


Chief Sinadambwe said police  were alerted who later took the woman to Siavonga hospital and was admitted.


However, the husband had disappeared in thin air by the time Police Officers arrived at the scene of the incidence.


Meanwhile the police have since launched the man hunt for the suspect.