Kampini Ward residents in Chadiza advised not to retard development

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Kampini Ward residents in Chadiza advised not to retard development


Chadiza, June 8th, 2013, ZANIS —  Kampini Ward Councilor Choke Banda has urged people in his area to stop engaging in activities that retard development.



ZANIS reports from  Chadiza District  that Mr Banda said this in an exclusive interview, today.



He said residents in his ward have developed a habit of stealing domestic animals, crops, and farm implements and were engaging themselves into excessive beer drinking.


He advised the people to venture into investing in education by sending their children to school.



Mr. Banda pointed out that failure to invest into education may disadvantage most youths in developmental activities and job opportunities.




Meanwhile, Chadiza area Member of Parliament Allan Mbewe has called on Councillors in his area to ensure that the roads in their respective wards are worked on before the on-set of rains.



Mr. Mbewe said the Chadiza District Council grader must be put to good use by grading all roads that were impassable in wards.




The MP has since asked all area councilors in Chadiza to ensure that all bad roads in their areas were identified and urgently reported to the office of the Council Secretary.



 He said it was going to be unacceptable for roads to continue remain in bad shape when the grader was now back on the road.



Mr. Mbewe said having a good road network would contribute positively to the development of the district and would help greatly in terms of transportation of farming inputs and agricultural products to various markets.