Don’t violate electoral code of conduct, politicians advised

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The Chipata District Conflict Management Team (CDCMT) has advised political parties participating in the July 25, 2013 parliamentary by- election not to violate the electoral code of conduct in any way.

Committee chairperson Josphat Chipandwe said all participating parties must obey the electoral code of conduct and follow the rules and regulations as stipulated.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Chipata today that the committee was however ready to ensure that amicable solutions are found in cases where conflicts arise.

Mr. Chipandwe also appealed to political parties not to rush to the media when they are in conflict but to always call on the conflict management team or the police for solutions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chipandwe has disclosed that political campaigns in the district were so far peaceful.

And United National Independence Party (UNIP) candidate for Chipata Central, Elina Nyirenda pledged that the former ruling and the oldest political party in Zambia will abide by the electoral code of conduct.

Ms. Nyirenda said her party was prepared and determined to ensure that campaigns were conducted in a peaceful manner.

She was happy that so far the campaigns have been peaceful and that no youth has been enticed to engage in violent activities.

She disclosed that UNIP has advised its members and cadres to desist from political violence but to instead focus on issues that will bring about development to the area and the entire country.

Ms. Nyirenda has meanwhile expressed confidence of winning the seat saying people in the constituency were tired of recycled politicians who make promises and then abandon them when they win.