Zambian Governance Foundation gets KR64 m from Sweden

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The Zambian Governance Foundation for Civil Society has received over KR64 million from the Swedish government aimed at strengthening the civil society in Zambia.

Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Lena Nordstrom said a strong civil society was a prerequisite for a free and democratic society in the country.

Ms. Nordstrom disclosed this development during the signing ceremony of the grant at the Zambian Governance Foundation offices in Lusaka today.

She said her government’s contribution was a further boost to the work by the Zambian Governance Foundation.

She said the foundation has been receiving support from the department for International Development, the embassy of Ireland and other cooperating partners since its inception.

Ms. Nordstrom further said cooperating partners provided KR56 million between 2009 and 2012.

She said a total of 74 civil society organisations accessed grants and capacity development support from the same during this period.

Ms. Nordstrom said Sweden’s contribution was intended to support the Zambian Governance Foundation from 2013-2015 in order to achieve its strategic objective through providing capacity development, technical and financial support to a wide range of civil society organisations from a well established to a small and emerging organization based in rural and urban Zambia.

And Zambian Governance Foundation Chairperson Reuben Lifuka said the proponents of the Zambian Governance Foundation recognized the role which civil society organizations play in a mature democracy.

Mr. Lifuka noted that the civil society provides a platform for citizens to express themselves freely and elect leaders that will be accountable in the country.

He thanked the Swedish government and other cooperating partners for the support they have been rendering to the organisation.