— Govt. urged to attend to concrete slabs in Itezhi-tezhi district

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Govt. urged to attend to concrete slabs in Itezhi-tezhi district


Itezhi Tezhi July 5, 2013,ZANIS—–Farmers in Mbila ward in Itezhi tezhi district in central province have appealed to government to complete the unfinished concrete slabs in the area.




The farmers say government should attend to the unfinished slabs for maize storage to reduce post harvest losses  that the district had recently experienced.



One of the affected farmers in Mbila ward Joseph Milandu made the appeal when Itezhi tezhi District Commissioner Roy Nang’alelwa visited the Mbila main shed yesterday.




Mr. Milandu said that the intention by government through Food Reserve Agency to build concrete slabs was a good one as it was going to reduce maize wastage in the area.




‘Every year we are experiencing losses of maize which the FRA come to destroy by burning because lack of storage facilities.




He said that government should seriously consider recalling those contractors so that they can complete these storage slabs.




He said that most of the maize is being wasted because it is placed on the bare ground which sometimes is moist.




And Mr. Milandu has called on government to ensure that farmers are paid in time when they supply maize.




He also called on the government to sink more boreholes in Mbila as the current few water points cannot support the burgeoning population in the area.