Kawambwa power projects to steer development

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Kawambwa power projects to steer development

Kawambwa,  Jul 2/13,  ZANIS——–Kawambwa District Commissioner, Ivor Mpasa, says Luapula province will have sufficient energy to drive all  economic projects and activities in the region and beyond when the Lumangwe and Kundabwika hydro Power projects take off.


Mr Mpasa said the two hydro power projects will be developed by Lunzuwa who already carried out feasibility studies.


The project will cost over  US $ 600million and will run over a period of three years.


He said for the past two weeks, Lunzuwa has been bringing different contractors to Kawambwa district who have been looking at the project site and encouraging them to bid for the project.


The DC said his part was to sensitise the people in the area on the advantages and disadvantages as some people will be affected as the project takes off.


He, however, observed that there will be more economic advantages than disadvantages as the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages.

Mr Mpasa added that the development of the two hydro power projects on the Kalungwishi River will outweigh the disadvantages as the projects will have the capacity to produce about 248 mega watts to be shared with Mporokoso.


The power generated from Kundabwika will be shared with Kaputa district and district commissioners from the three districts will start meeting to share the common vision on the national power projects that will bring lasting economic change to their districts.


Mr Mpasa said the project will also create job opportunities as about 1,200 youth would be employed to do just bush clearing.


He said the 248 watts will bring the intermittent power load shedding to an end.